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Carolyn Kalos, Esq.

“I am an empathetic, straightforward, and level-headed attorney-mediator, deeply invested in helping families. I am calm in a crisis, approachable, and non-judgmental. I am an expert in all areas of family law, and undeterred by the intensity of family conflict.”

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Mediation is a straightforward, collaborative conversation. Families work with me to explore the nature of their conflict and customize solutions. Many assume that mediation cannot be helpful if the level of conflict is significant. However, no intensity of conflict is too much to be helped by mediation. ​ The goal is to create solutions with no winning and losing parties. Ideally, we end in a place where everyone’s needs are met. 

I mediate all areas involving families - including parenting plans, child support, custody determinations, spousal maintenance, pre- and post-divorce relationship conflict and dissolution of assets. 

Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is an additional tool to resolve family disputes.  Working with a Parenting Coordinator can be court-ordered or parent-initiated.  The aim of a Parent Coordinator is to help parents in high conflict relationships resolve disputes.  Parenting Coordinators are neutral third parties who assist with the understanding of and adherence to court orders and can be used to help families make decisions if they cannot do so on their own.

Child Welfare / Family Court Consulting

I am available to consult on all family law matters.  I will draft and file uncontested divorces, prepare pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and parenting plans, help with the division of assets, and serve as a consulting attorney if you already have a mediated agreement. I am an expert on the Administration for Children’s Services and can guide you on any needed interactions.

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Helen Singh, 

Children's Attorney 

"I have known and worked with Carolyn for several years. She is bright, thoughtful, organized, and highly motivated to help people take positive steps towards changing their lives. Carolyn understands that people come from all walks of life and that everyone has a unique story. By listening to people and focusing on their needs, she has helped many of her clients achieve the outcome they were seeking. Unlike some attorneys who thrive on conflict, Carolyn utilizes her legal skills to help people work together, minimize acrimony, and move on with the rest of their lives."

Theo Liebman, Clinical Professor  of Law

"I have had the privilege of working with Carolyn for over 20 years, and am thrilled that she is bringing her wisdom, her deep understanding of family dynamics, and her impressive skills in working with children and adults in crisis, to mediation practice.  I have seen first-hand Carolyn’s ability to get to the heart of issues of conflict efficiently, and her formidable skills in resolving those issues sensitively. She has worked on some of the most challenging types of cases throughout her career, including high-conflict divorce cases, and child abuse and neglect cases.  She has a deservedly sterling reputation as a skilled and collaborative problem solver."

Elizabeth, Divorced Friend

"When my husband abruptly left several years ago, I was in a state of shock. I reached out to Carolyn, a friend since grade school.   As expected, Carolyn provided calm and clear advice. She didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear but always what I needed to know.   Now in the trenches of co-parenting,  I continue to reach out to Carolyn for her sound input.  I have greatly benefitted from her years of working with families.  Carolyn has the perfect balance of expertise, understanding, and warmth.   I would highly recommend her to anyone facing the uncharted worlds of divorce and co-parenting.   With her help along this journey, I have the confidence and comfort to face whatever comes my way.".

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